$Reinvest24 removes the 1% entry fee!
Starting from today there will be no fees when investing in newly published projects on the primary market. Read more information about this in the latest blog article: bit.ly/30JEI3f

$Reinvest24 announces partnership with Kirsan Swiss GmBH. "Working as one team, we will be able to scale our business, offering an even more outstanding portfolio of real estate projects, protecting the interests of investors, as well as increasing the safety of our projects", says Tanel Orro, CEO of Reinvest24. Read more about it here. bit.ly/3mnD9jq

Until 30.11.2021 (included), every new user who will register and invest on our primary market at least 500 EUR during their first 30 days after registering, will get a bonus of up to 200 EUR. Read more information about the campaign - bit.ly/3bhdaUB

¨$Reinvest24 team is happy to announce that we have opened our 2nd international branch. This time all the spotlights are on Moldova.

Apart from that, we introduce Livestream cameras on our construction sites, to become even more transparent with our investors. And announce the publishing of our first development project from Moldova. Read more about all this in our latest blog article. bit.ly/3B6uZQk

$Reinvest24 have released the 2020 annual report.

Key figures:
Profit = € 0.0m
Assets = € 0.1m
Equity = € 0.0m
Debt = € 0.1m

$Reinvest24 is back with the second article about why rental projects are undervalued investments with huge potential.
In this article, we take a closer look at its risks and explain how Your investment is secured. bit.ly/3lepquv

We are happy to announce that this week $Reinvest24 repaid back the very last stage of the Nistor residential project. It is our second fully exited project from the Moldovan market.

 As of now, the full principal amount of 555 000 EUR is repaid back to 930 participated investors. This project was earning 14.75% in adjusted average effective return.

Thank You very much to all the participated parties!

Curious to see how does this property looks now, thanks to the support of our investors? Check it out in the final Insider Updates of this project. bit.ly/3EYguRY

Rental projects are a real gem of $Reinvest24 and a unique concept for the alternative investment industry.
In this blog article, we explain what rental projects are and what benefits they provide. Enjoy reading and stay tuned for Part 2, where we will deep dive into the risks and describe how your investment is secured.


$Reinvest24 introduces an automated KYC verification process.

The platform continues to work actively on improving the platform, its security and overall customer’s experience. To make sure we create a safe environment for everyone and become a regulated platform soon, we have updated our KYC onboarding process for our clients, as well as revised our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

It’s been 13 months since $Reinvest24 entered the Moldovan real estate market. Despite the turbulent period, the housing market in Chisinau is thriving! We highly recommend you take the time to read it and find out more about Moldova. bit.ly/2UBiRYC