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Reinvest24 Income


REINVEST24 OÜ Financial Reports

Period Profit Assets Equity Debt Debt to Equity Audited by Published
2020 € 0.0m € 0.1m € 0.0m € 0.1m 4.4 not audited
2019 € 0.0m € 0.1m € 0.0m € 0.1m 6.0 not audited
2017 Dec - 2018 Dec € 0.0m € 0.1m € 0.0m € 0.1m 13.8 not audited

Who Controls Reinvest24?

ReInvest Holding is owned and controlled by Joinestate OÜ (32%), Ximiso Balt OÜ (50%) and Kirsan Swiss GmBH (18%).

Reinvest24 Business Model

The platform provides a variety of investment types. They select real estate investments where they see potential and publish it for crowdfunding to investors. Once the property's funding stage is over, an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) company is created. Investors become the beneficiaries of any rental revenue and capital growth generated by our properties. The SPVs manage the properties, deal with tenants, operations and other day-to-day activities. Once Reinvest24 see that they can sell the property with a premium for their investors, it is done and profits are distributed accordingly among all parties involved. As per Reinvest24 development projects, they issue the loan to their partners (developers) and they use it for the mentioned purpose. It is important to mention that they work only with experienced developers. The platform earns profit from 4 different income sources:
  • Entry fee 1% when an investor is investing. Before September this year it was 2% and then it was reduced in half
  • Operational fee - 10% from rental revenue, generated by the properties to cover various property management related expenses
  • Secondary market transaction fee 1% only for the buyer, so it is the same concept as on the primary market
  • Borrower's fee which varies from 1.5% to 5%. This applies to the development projects.