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My interview with Robocash Founder Sergey Sedov from Moscow is online. It was the first blogger interview for him so far. Sergey believes in profit from the beginning and is very sceptical about businesses which are working with too much debt. Enjoy!

During my 2 week trip to Russia I was 5 days in the Nowosibirsk Office of the Robocash Investment Platform. Take a look how it looks there. (just the beginning is in German, rest is in English):

I spoke with 3 leading Robocash Group employees in Kemerovo. Here we also clarify, among other things, the question of whether the lack of regulation could be a disadvantage for Robocash. The following topics are discussed:

00:40 Introduction Dmitry Balakhnin, Strategic Communications Director of Robocash Group
01:58 Introduction Viacheslav Chvoro, Head of the Analytical center of Robocash
03:38 Introduction Roman Makarov, CEO Zaymer
04:45 Dmitry: Why should investors choose Robocash instead of other P2P platforms?
12:12 Viacheslav: What is the reason for the actual drop in interest rates & is this a trend?
13:32 Roman: When you issued your first loan and how it goes?
15:07 Dmitry: How was the Covid-19 year for your company?
16:17 Viacheslav: At which interest rate should investors be very careful?
17:30 Roman: How important is Zaymer for the Robocash group?
19:13 Dmitry: Where do you see the P2P industry after the pandemic?
20:41 Viacheslav: Do you think regulation will have an impact on the interest rates?
22:50 Roman: Why we don't see russian loans on Robocash?
25:13 Dmitry: Why you don't publish the full audited reports?
27:47 Viacheslav: What is your outlook for the P2P industry?
28:54 Roman: Is the russian government a danger for Zaymer?
31:46 Dmitry: Is the missing regulation a problem for Robocash?
34:08 Viacheslav: What are the 3 biggest mistakes of P2P platforms in the pandemic?
36:18 Roman: Closing words to the community

The video:

Insight into the Robocash Group offices in Kemerovo, Siberia. The intro is in German, the rest is in English.

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