$Lendermarket was under maintenance all this weekend, according to Omayra Roig due to some loans that went into buyback before maturity, "not initiated by the loan originators". #creditstar

I see you miss some information regarding the Italian $Re-Lender .
I wrote a small review few months ago, with the reasons of why I left the platform. The founder is Francesco Marella and a lot of projects are his real estate projects.
The original review is in italian: www.p2pinvesting.it/relender-andamento/

At $Viventor they're preparing a feast for recovering from defaulted Originators. I hope they won't apply these fee with Atlantis.
They will apply a Recovery Fee if they have success in recovering defaulted loans, but there is no evaluation about it.
"You will be informed, the fee will not be more than the recovered"... not the best clause.

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