$Viainvest has obtained an investment brokerage firm licence;

* Issuance of the license marks the beginning of 6 months transition period within what VIAINVEST will gradually shift from selling claim rights to listing asset backed securities;

* Our investors will become subject to the investor protection mechanisms according to the requirements of the Financial Instruments Market Law and the relevant Directive (MiFID II), the Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products (PRIIPs), the Investor Protection Law, the Prospectus Regulation, and other applicable regulations;

* If the investment brokerage firm fails to provide investment services, retail investors are entitled to a compensation of 90% of the irrevocable loss, up to a limit of €20 000;

* During the transitional period and previously concluded assignment contracts are not protected by these investor protection mechanisms, however our existing Buyback guarantee still applies to all consumer loans listed by our loan originators;

* To ensure safe investing in financial instruments VIAINVEST is required to assign one of three possible MiFID II client status categories (retail client, professional client, or eligible counterparty) to our investors to ensure that they receive the appropriate protection and support for their level of experience, knowledge, and expertise. Investor categories will be assigned to your investor profile;

* All our new and existing investors should complete the Suitability and Appropriateness questionnaire as well as update information in the KYC questionnaire which will become available in a few upcoming months;

* The funds of those investors who have completed the Suitability and Appropriateness Assessment will be kept in a segregated bank account, thus, ensuring the safety of these funds and separating VIAINVEST’s own funds from investors’ money;

* Investing in claim rights and financial instruments involves risks. Information about risks will be available on the VIAINVEST website.

From $Viainvest:

Interest rate for consumer loans change to 11% annually. VIAINVEST has decided to set 11% annual interest rate to all loan originators supplying consumer loans. This applies to such loan originators as VIASMS.lv, VIASMS.pl, VIASMS.cz, VIACONTO.se and VIACONTO.ro.
Updated interest rate will apply to all new consumer loans published starting from September 1, while consumer loans listed on the platform before this date will be available with previous interest rate until the full closing of the particular investment. Please note that this does not apply to business loans of any kind.

INVESTMENT FEES: viainvest.com/fees
VIAINVEST updates platform price list
VIAINVEST is introducing monthly fee for inactive accounts* which is set to 2 EUR. Price list also provides an opportunity to request personalized account balance reports for a separate fee. Updated price list will be available for review on the website for 30 days and will come into force on October 1, 2021. More information available in the fees section.
* Investor accounts with balance below 10 EUR and no transactions made during the last 3 months.

$Viainvest is about to acquire investment brokerage firm (IBF) license and is asking their investors to verify their identities again:

As VIAINVEST is about to become a member of the finance market by acquiring the investment brokerage firm (IBF) license, our investment environment is becoming more secure than ever. One of the preconditions for secure and transparent investing is a fully verified investor profile, so we invite you to use our partner’s service to verify your identity. Please note that you are able to skip this step once, but in a week you will not be able to access your investor profile without successfully completing the personal identification process.

Starting today, $Viainvest is extending buyback guarantee to 60 days:

''This will reduce cash drag as well as allow investors to remain invested in high quality credit portfolios and earn interest for a longer period. All investments made starting from July 12, 2021, will be concluded according to updated assignment / loan / business loan assignment agreements that foresee a 60 days delay period before buyback applies on 61st day and both invested principal and earned interest for the whole period is repaid. “Initialize Buyback” option will remain in force unchanged.''

Do you remember the first business loan that was launched from $Viainvest in early 2020? They used to carry out a big student hall project in Barcelona alongside real estate developer R.evolution.

Turns out that Andris Riekstins, who is the VIA SMS Group minority shareholder (20%) through „SIA Financial Investment“ is also partner at R.evolution. The loan was bought back early in October 2020 and no investors got harmed. Still a potential case of conflicting interest?

More findings are shared in my VIAINVEST Deep Dive (German)

$Viainvest has big demand from investor side that results in temp cash drag. From Viainvest support: "Currently there is a high amount of investors with VIAINVEST with a high demand for loans and everything has been sold out. New loans however get added regularly and the demand should soon be covered. You can just leave your auto-invest active, and it should pick up loans soon."

In case of my own Viainvest portfolio: 10% are not invested right now.

VIA SMS Group published its financial statement for the first half of 2020: net profit of EUR 588 401, net turnover of EUR 13 756 940, consolidated net portfolio of the Group as to June 30, 2020 was EUR 19 284 883 $Viainvest