$LendSecured is doing a brand merger with Lande:

''Please be informed that in following months LendSecured will be doing a brand merger with Lande (credit platform for farmers - lande.lv/lv).

By merging with Lande, we plan to expand to Europe, with other Baltic states coming first by the end of 2021.
Lande is already a partner of LendSecured and is offering farmers crowd-sourced funding via LendSecured.
For investors we continue to give an opportunity to diversify investment portfolios by supporting European farmers and the growing global demand for produce. The global food demand is expected to grow so rapidly, that it indicates a potentially high return on investments in the future.

Merger is planned to end in following 4-6 months and by the end of it LendSecured will be renamed Lande and will present itself as a full-service platform for agricultural financing and crowdfunding.''

$LendSecured are introducing a new payment feature VIBAN (virtual IBAN) which will ensure faster money transfer and payment processing to investors.

Each user can find their personal VIBAN number on the 'Add funds' section of overview. Funds will reach your LendSecured account in around 24 hours.

$LendSecured Q1 review:

- Issued loan amount more than EUR 550 000: lendsecured.eu/en/statistics
- On March 1st we launched new product - Seasonal funding for farmers (grain financing).
- Opening of Secondary market
- Anchor investor is our long-term private investor, who has agreed to finance the projects, if other investors have not managed to do it until the end of the funding period. He is just like any other investor, who has registered on the platform, except, that he guarantees his participation in project funding, to reach 100%.
- ECSP licence: We keep working to adapt the platform to the provisions of the new crowdfunding regulation and cooperate with the supervisory authority (FCMC) to receive the ECSP license in November 2021. There are several steps which need to be done, for example investors’ funds must be held on segregate account (our investors’ funds are held in BNP Paribas bank operated by LemonWay).
- At the end of January 2021 we increased the paid-up capital to EUR 100 000. It was done to rise the financial stability of the company.

On April 6th, $LendSecured is hosting an online event on Zoom and Facebook reviewing Q1.

The event will be 30 min long and scheduled in 2 parts:
1. Q1 review (issued loan amount, secondary market, anchor investor, ECSP license, new product launch etc.) and plans for Q2 2021;
2. Q&A.

$LendSecured: There are several errors that accrued on our platform recently. All of them are connected with the Secondary Market feature. The testing period was insufficient before the launch. Now we are putting all forces to fix the bugs and it is no.1 priority of our team. To avoid such issues in the future, we will take much more seriously new feature introduction and take more time for testing. As well we are already onboarding an additional team member for testing purposes.

Tech.eu have published an article about $LendSecured, explaining their work in the EU agricultural sector.

$LendSecured CEO Nikita Goncars comment about 2020: "We managed to be profitable after our first year and to increase paid capital to 100k."

Balance and profit/loss statement for 2020 is already available for $LendSecured: lendsecured.eu/en/transparency