I have wanted to invest in $Kviku 's own platform for some time, although I did not like that it did not allow manual investment. But what has stopped me are the two banking entities Kviku works with.
One of them is in the UK and has an IBAN. Surprise, an IBAN in a country not belonging to the European Union is either a problem or it will be.
It also gives a bank (NexPay) (payment platform) in Lithuania. It doesn't even have a website. Why don't they use a serious bank?

Brobank.ru has evaluated the 2021 Q1 financials of some Russia based MFOs:

The rating is based on the increase in profit in the estimated period relative to the results of January-March 2020. TOP-20 is based on the difference in monetary terms. The assessment covers all IFCs, not just those on the main list. It is also worth highlighting that 21 structures managed to show positive dynamics in the last quarter relative to the same period in 2020.

Four of $Mintos LOs are included in the list:

Mokka (Revo Technologies) - 6
$Kviku - 10
Credit Plus (Ecofinance) - 13
Lime Zaim - 20
and Zaimer ($Robocash) - 3

Zaimer is in the third place in terms of profit for the first quarter - 626.28 M rubles (7.1M EUR). Ecofinance has had the largest increase in profit relative to Q1 2020 - 567.78%. In contrast, Lime Zaim has the largest decrease in profit of -121.5%, with just 74k EUR profit.

Source: brobank.ru/samye-pribylnye-mfo-i-kvartal-2021/

$Kviku has published an audited 2020 annual report of LLMC AirLoans.
The financial results show a profit of €1.1m, total assets at €21.3m, equity at €3.1m and total liabilities at €18.1m.
Kviku is also a loan originator at $Mintos , $Viventor, $Bondster and $IUVO Group.

From #BulldogP2P: War between Russia and Ukraine could spoil the P2P party.

"Is War Between Russia And Ukraine Now Inevitable? The situation in Eastern Ukraine is critical. Russia and Ukraine are on the brink of an open armed conflict."

"On April 1, President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, accused Russia of the increasing presence of armed forces on the borders. He said, “military exercises and possible provocations along the border are traditional Russian games.” He further said that Russia is creating a threatening atmosphere across the border while Ukraine seeks to resume a ceasefire agreement."

"Russian forces are deploying massive amounts of military hardware into #Crimea. One of the largest deployments I've seen in recent memory."

List of micro financing companies in Russia, ordered by size. Lousy translation, but can notice some familiar names:

Nr3 Seimer = $Robocash
Nr9 Lime Loan = Lime Zaim from $Bondster
Nr10 DZP-Center = Dozarplati from $Mintos
Nr11 Kviku = $Kviku
Nr13 Micro Capital from $Mintos
Nr27 Eco-finance from $Mintos

Thanks to #BulldogP2P for sharing

Comment in Telegram about P2P & group guarantees:

Giannis Lever: A lot of discussions about the simple thing.

Look at this fundamentally (what i prefer). $PeerBerry is a business that provides loans without collateral, which is risky. You are trying to find a security in the business, that is risky by definition. The only security you have is the good will of management of the LOs (to do their best in managing issueing loans portfolios). By providing Group Guarantee - the company tries to create an illusion of security, which is not there. The simple test (no lawyers), go to the bank with this guarantee and see how much money they lend you with that. This is what this guarantee is worth. And it's OK to invest into such business (there are many of those), same as $Mintos and #Finko, could last for some time and could be solved the way investors would receive money back (most of it), but it wasn't. Instead, when the shit hits the fan, the management covers own butts, choses the easiest solutions.

Enforcing even a legally capable Group Guarantee/BuyBack guarantee will be a nightmare. Will require participating in court cases in diffrerent countries, legal spaces, proving same thing over and over (and those countries are not even in EU, so min 1-2 years in every court). Small claims - easier to pay off. With multimillion claim - why not dissolve or just sell operations to other legal body, while claims didn't arrive yet? One bad loan is not a basis to trigger a "guarantee", so the company will have to go into legal state of insolvensy - bancruptcy for this. Then this guarantee will be used to cover not only investors money, but ALL claims to that company. etc. That's why i'm not invested in Peerberry and probably never will. Though Rita is great.

The point is simple, if the company can provide a worthy Guarantee for all the funds it's loaning from investors - it doesn't need to loan it, it already has this money. In P2P, when you hear "guarantee", it's actually a "promise". No free breakfasts.

$Kviku case is prooving it's just marketing for most. No fair company with intent of providing a real guarantee will copy paste a public legal doc of that importance. (on Kviku)

$Kviku taking shortcuts:

F Martin: when Kviku started it's own platform, both the platform itself and the presentations they shared were a copy of Robocash.

Longer discussion and screenshots about similarities: p2pindependentforum.com/thread/16112/p2p-platform-kviku-finance?page=1

Kviku comment from forum thread: "We indeed used templates of other P2P websites in order to quickly launch our own platform to the market. The start was successful, thus our in-house team of developers and web designers is now focusing on design updates and aims to refine the system by this summer. "

$PeerBerry not happy that $Kviku copy/pasted their legal documents:

Rita from PeerBerry: Dear all, I found a great example (from the opposite side) of how to do business. At the beginning of February (01-02-2021), the platform kviku presented to its investors a group guarantee memorandum, which is a word-by-word copy-paste from our business partners' Memorandum on cross-corporate guarantees. Why use the brain, if you can just copy-paste and wualia, you have a legal document! Predicting that plagiarism may reveal, they dated their document on 01-01-2020 (to convince everyone that they signed the document earlier than the Aventus Group), but ups ... reckless mistake again, the first day of January around the world is a non-working day.

Bulldog P2P: The story being told of Kviku "stealing" the group guarantee wording deserves an explanation. It was Sterling and I that gave Kviku the PeerBerry guarantee as an example. I suppose Kviku took it to their legal Moscow team, which approved it after about 2 weeks. The original disussion is still present on the Kviku channel.

PeerDuck: Legal docs are the intellectual property of a company. in most cases, 20% change in doc is enough to consider it "new"

Sterling and Bulldog P2P suggested changes to $Kviku platform regarding their cross company guarantee. And $Kviku delivered, see attachment. Great to see that a platform listens to it's investors.