$Bondster : Mikrokasa in not "backbuying" theirs loans in $Bondster platform. $Bondster explain that they have "technical" problems with Microkasa. Now they name it "technical" .

$Bondster to enable investing in loans secured by bitcoins:

''P2P investing in loans is becoming increasingly popular. To increase security, loans are usually secured by, for example, movable property or real estate. From now on, people can also invest in bitcoin-secured loans on the Czech investment platform Bondster.cz with a 10% return.
The advantage of such an investment is that it is hedged against bitcoin price fluctuations and investors get a stable return from it every month. This way, they achieve an annual return of 10-11% with the duration of the investment being 1–12 months. Thanks to this, investors can quickly appreciate their savings and then reinvest them.
The principle of investing in these loans is no different from other types of secured loans on Bondster. The only difference is in the method of securing, where instead of movable or immovable property, borrowers pledge their bitcoins.

Moreover, investors are protected in the event the value of bitcoin on world markets falls sharply. In such a case, borrowers have to make up the difference otherwise they lose their bitcoins. Should such a situation nevertheless arise, the loan originator, which is the Czech company Acema, immediately sells the collateral on the exchange and pays investors out.
Here lies one of the advantages of cryptocurrencies - bitcoin, unlike other types of collateral (e.g. real estate), can be immediately and easily converted into money.
Loans secured by bitcoins are also subject to the so-called buyback guarantee, which is applied in the event the borrower ceases to repay the loan. In such a case, the originator pays the investors the entire amount invested, including the interest earned.
''The number one priority for us was maximum safety. The LTV ratio for this type of secured loans is therefore 50-70%. At the same time, loans come with the buyback guarantee which applies both to the event of default and early termination, so that investors will not lose their money or interest. These will always be paid out to them in full, “explains Bondster’s CEO Pavel Klema.''

$Bondster has launched the secondary market:

The secondary market brings investors greater flexibility and liquidity. It is a place where you can offer your investments for sale to others or, conversely, buy investments from them. You can sell your investments on it at a surcharge, and you can also buy investments at a discount - it depends on the specific offer from the seller. This way, you can further diversify your investments and even achieve higher returns when investing in loans that are placed on the secondary market at a discount.

When selling a loan on the secondary market, the seller pays a one-time fee of 0.5% calculated from the loan value. It is not paid when placing the loan on the secondary market but only after the loan has been sold.

#Stikcredit 2021 H1 report has been released.

Key figures:

Profit = € 1.3m
Assets = € 12.0m
Equity = € 7.3m
Debt = € 4.6m

#BulldogP2P received a reply from $Bondster for the following questions:

I have a request about two topics to you:
#1.Omnigrant and Mikrokasa Originators:
While in 2020 at year end, some amounts were repaid, we had good hopes about a happy end.
Last 5 months however the repayments stalled.
Is there any news about the repayment schedule?
#2.Lime Zaim:
Suddenly we observe also that Lime Zaim is passing the 60+ days.
One investor told me:
Lime zaim discriminates Bondster.
In 2020 they were making on time payments to Mintos,
but my Bondster Lime Zaim loans were 100-120+ days late before they paid.
I checked the Mintos pending payments on Mintos and the amount is neglectible.
How about that?

Reply from Bondster:

Transfer of the Debtors’ repayments to the Investors and realization of Buybacks is an obligation of the Provider. In the event that the Provider's Virtual Account maintained on the Bondster Portal shows an insufficient balance, it is not possible to make payments through it, including realization of Buybacks and transferring the Debtors’ repayments to Investors' Virtual Accounts. Everything depends on Provider’s timely fulfillment of its obligations, which in this case means ensuring a sufficient balance in its Virtual Account. If the Provider does not have sufficient funds in the Virtual Account, it is unfortunately not possible to make respective payments.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, some providers became insolvent on timely payments to our platform and investors, mainly those from the Polish market, where not only pandemic measures but also a new reform of the non-banking market had a major impact on their business and financial flow. With all the providers affected in this way, we have long agreed on a relaxed repayment schedule, where the companies gradually pay their debts.
The companies belonging to the Omnigrant Group (Szybka Pozyczka, Szybka Pozyczka Polska, Szybka Pozyczka Artex), which have been significantly affected by the new legislation in Poland, provide us with repurchase funds every week. Monthly, these funds range from € 12,000 to € 20,000 for all three companies. With this regularity (every week), we pay them to our investors in chronological order from the longest pending buybacks. In this way, the entire debt to investors should be repaid during this year.
Mikrokasa is in restructuring proceedings. This in itself means (similarly to Czech law) that claims arising before the start of the restructuring proceedings (July 10, 2020) are satisfied within the proceedings, when all claims against its creditors were filed with the court, including unpaid investments in Bondster in arrears more than 60 days. No final decision has been made yet within the proceedings, currently a settlement proposal is being made by Mikrokasa by authorized court administrators, including other audit activities. The Company continues paying all borrowers' debts related to Bondster loans sold. All funds sent in this way are subsequently distributed in full to interested investors on the basis of reported payments. At the same time, the company paid out all repurchases incurred in the period from July 10, 2020 until the end of April 2021. Currently, the company pays back every month all repurchases whose entitlement arose in the previous month.
Down below I send you a summary of the current situation regarding Mikrokasa's claims:
- Buybackes claimed in the period from 1 April 2020 to 10 July 2020 are registered with the court dealing with the restructuring proceedings, to which Mikrokasa applied last summer. As part of these proceedings, the court will decide on the method of settlement of the registered claims. We monitor the whole situation through a Polish law agency, which represents us (better known as Bondster investors) in this process. (In the appendix, we also send a statement of the company's management on the interim progress of the proceedings).
- Buybacks, which arose after the date of commencement of the restructuring proceedings, ie from 10 July 2020 to the end of April 2021, are currently fully repurchased and paid out with all the requisites.
- Buybacks for which a claim arose (will arise) during the month of May 2021 will, according to the agreement, be paid within the first week of June.
About Lime Zaim, this Provider has some loans with Buyback guarantee 90 days (you can find it in detail of loan). Maybe this will be problem why some loans from them are in delay 60+ days.
Thank you for understanding.
Best regards,
Jiří Kárník

Update from $Bondster about the launch of the secondary market and changes to T&Cs:

We are constantly striving to improve the investment platform Bondster and as part of this process, we have made changes to our Terms and Conditions that will become effective from July 1st 2021.
We have already implemented the majority of changes related to the launching of the Secondary Market that a number of investors was asking for. We believe that from July 1st, when the secondary market starts operating, you will be able to appreciate its benefits.

What is the Secondary Market?
The secondary market is a place on the platform where you can offer your investments for sale directly to other investors on Bondster.

What are the benefits of the Secondary Market?
The secondary market increases liquidity for investors - you can sell your investments on it regardless of when the loan reaches maturity, i.e. when the investment ends. You can set the interest rate of the loan you want to offer on the secondary market yourself. If your loan is bought with a higher interest rate than its original rate on the primary market, you will achieve an additional return.

What are we changing in our Terms and Conditions?
- we have added a new Part D which regulates the conditions of use of the secondary market and its functioning,
- with the introduction of the secondary market, we have included the mention of it in other parts of the terms and conditions,
- we have capped the debt collection costs from a provider that can be passed on to investors,
- in the Investor's Tariff section, we have adjusted, according to current practice, the account management fee of 1% p.a. from the volume of investments held to apply only to investments in Czech crowns, i.e. it does not apply to investments in euros,
- we have also added a fee for the use of the secondary market to the Investor's Tariff - the investor selling a loan on the secondary market pays a 0.5% fee of the price of the claim, the investor buying participation on the loan does not pay any fee.

An update from $Bondster:

-The volume of investments has reached the pre-pandemic levels

Due to the pandemic, investors on Bondster reduced their investments by 85% - the amount fell from 3.45 million euros (February 2020) and 2.87 million (March 2020) to 0.48 million (April 2020). Since then, however, investor activity has been steadily increasing. One year later, in April 2021, investors already invested more than 3.45 million euros on the platform and thus reaching the same volume as before the pandemic.
”The Covid crisis represents the biggest economic crisis since World War II and was the first and also a proper stress test for the P2P market. Several investment platforms didn't manage the crisis, especially during the first wave of the pandemic, which was a bolt from the blue for everyone. As a result, several of them have stopped working,” says Bondster’s CEO Pavel Klema, according to whom the market has cleared up and only platforms built on stable foundations remained.

-Bondster is number two in Europe

Pavel Klema explains how Bondster managed to reach the pre-pandemic levels as follows: ”Despite some difficulties we were experiencing at the beginning of the pandemic, we coped with the crisis well, which resulted in increasing investment volumes and growing numbers of new investors. In recent months, we have seen a higher number of registrations, particularly from foreign investors who see that when comparing the cost- benefit ratio of various types of investments, investing in secured loans is one of the best forms of appreciating money.”
His words are confirmed by Bondster's long-term results in an international comparison of European P2P platforms done by the portal TodoCrowdlending.com. In a comparison of returns of more than a hundred observed platforms in March 2021, Bondster placed second with a return of 14.9% on euro investments.

Stik-Credit have published 2021 Q1 financials.

Some key highlights:
- In February 2021 Stikcredit launched its own marketplace for investing in loans - Afranga. The marketplace has been an immediate success and we've already surpassed 1 million euro of outstanding investments.
- Stikcredit ended 2020 with record results achieving 2.3m EUR in net profit up 39% from the previous year.
As the market recovered from covid-19, we've increased our marketing efforts and March 2021 was our strongest month in the history of the company lending 1.275m EUR.
- Our net loan portfolio increased by 6% since the beginning of the year and we have strong expansion plans on the local market for the present year.
- The net profit for the quarter is 0.66m EUR up 22% versus 1Q20.

Update from $Bondster: In March 2021 alone, the investors have invested CZK 74,931,349 which is a 51% increase from February 2021 and makes it the highest amount invested per month since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

New originator: Autofino
On the investment portal, you can now find loans from the new originator Autofino which operates in Lithuania and provides car loans in the form of financial leasing. You can invest in its short-term car loans with maturity between 1-5 years secured by a buyback guarantee and a car. The investment will bring you an annual return between 10-13%.

Bondster has a new CEO. The role assumed Pavel Klema, who has more than 14 years of experience in finance and worked for Air Bank or Profi Credit, among others. You can learn more about him and his plans here: www.bondster.com/en/novinky/vsechny/bondster-is-now-run-by-pavel-klema

$Kviku has published an audited 2020 annual report of LLMC AirLoans.
The financial results show a profit of €1.1m, total assets at €21.3m, equity at €3.1m and total liabilities at €18.1m.
Kviku is also a loan originator at $Mintos , $Viventor, $Bondster and $IUVO Group.