I spoke with 3 leading Robocash Group employees in Kemerovo. Here we also clarify, among other things, the question of whether the lack of regulation could be a disadvantage for Robocash. The following topics are discussed:

00:40 Introduction Dmitry Balakhnin, Strategic Communications Director of Robocash Group
01:58 Introduction Viacheslav Chvoro, Head of the Analytical center of Robocash
03:38 Introduction Roman Makarov, CEO Zaymer
04:45 Dmitry: Why should investors choose Robocash instead of other P2P platforms?
12:12 Viacheslav: What is the reason for the actual drop in interest rates & is this a trend?
13:32 Roman: When you issued your first loan and how it goes?
15:07 Dmitry: How was the Covid-19 year for your company?
16:17 Viacheslav: At which interest rate should investors be very careful?
17:30 Roman: How important is Zaymer for the Robocash group?
19:13 Dmitry: Where do you see the P2P industry after the pandemic?
20:41 Viacheslav: Do you think regulation will have an impact on the interest rates?
22:50 Roman: Why we don't see russian loans on Robocash?
25:13 Dmitry: Why you don't publish the full audited reports?
27:47 Viacheslav: What is your outlook for the P2P industry?
28:54 Roman: Is the russian government a danger for Zaymer?
31:46 Dmitry: Is the missing regulation a problem for Robocash?
34:08 Viacheslav: What are the 3 biggest mistakes of P2P platforms in the pandemic?
36:18 Roman: Closing words to the community

The video: