DN Operator SIA has released its 2020 annual report.

Key figures:
Loss = € -3k
Assets = € 315k
Equity = € 307k
Debt = € 8k

''Considering that SIA DN Operator, as the Platform Operator, does not assume the credit risks related to these assets or liabilities, but earns only commission income for their servicing, referring to the requirements of regulatory enactments, these assets and liabilities are off-balance sheet and are not reflected in the balance sheet of these financial statements, but are provided only as additional information to provide a true and fair view and a clear picture of the Company's operations.''

Off-balance sheet (serviceable) assets 31.12.2020:

Claims on creditors for investments in assignment agreements: 3 754 581
Claims on creditors for accrued interest and fines: 25,046
Current settlements with credit issuers: 211 803
Settlements with the previous platform operator: 6 313
Total off - balance sheet assets: 3 997 743

Off-balance sheet (serviceable) liabilities 31.12.2020:

Free balance of investors' contributions: 218 116
Investors' investments in assignment agreements: 3 754 581
Accrued interest and fines: 25 046
Total liabilities: 3,997,743