#Creditstar have shared their 2021 Q2 results:

Key figures:

Profit = € 2.6m
Assets = € 179.3m
Equity= € 36.2m
Debt = € 143.1m

Q2 highlights:

- Creditstar Group issues two new bonds with a record value of € 23.57 million, its largest ever bonds issue

Creditstar Group is pleased to announce that it successfully placed bonds in the total amount of € 23.57
million with maturities of 18 and 36 months. The proceeds of the offering will be used to redeem
maturing bonds and finance loan portfolio growth across multiple markets.

- Creditstar officially applies for the specialised bank license

Creditstar has officially filed a specialised bank license application to the Bank of Lithuania. Creditstar
will be allowed to provide almost all traditional banking services within the EU/EEA area with the
banking license.