An investor asked $Crowdestate ''Who has stolen the money?'' in regards to Tammelehe:

''It was managed by Mr Mihkel Roosme, who was the single person having signature rights and authorization in the bank to operate with Tammelehe accounts. We have reviewed the account statements – there are 4 persons who received unauthorised payouts: the company owned by Mihkel Roosme himself – Mercury Investments OU, then a company called Stellar OU. Significant payouts have also been made to Kristi Lillepea, the wife of Alo Lillepea. Seems to be a family business – two brothers and wife who embezzled most of the funds. Mihkel Roosme has also spent the money raised from investors to subjects clearly not related to development from other projects. He has paid some notary fees for transactions down in Latvia, there have been some car lease payments to third persons, also some payments to the lenders of some $EstateGuru loans.''