$Debitum Network has shared a 2021 Q1 financial report of DN Operator SIA.

Key figures:
Profit = € -46k
Total assets = € 320k
Equity = € 259k
Debt = € 61k


Key information about Debitum platform for Q1 2021
Currencies for investments: EUR, USD*
Registered users at the end of the reporting period: 6 576
Investments outstanding at the end of the reporting period: 4.94 million EUR
Client funds on Debitum platform at the end of the reporting period: 5.11 million EUR
Number of assets available for investments at the end of the reporting period: 238
Average weighted interest rate for active assets (invested or available for investments) during the reporting period: 8.86 %
Defaulted assets during Debitum platform operations: 0

* Debitum provides only EUR investments through main platform which is available for all users. USD
investments are available only for few institutional investors and are not available publicly.

Largest (77%) loan originators at the end of Q1 2021 are Triple Dragon Funding Delta (UK) with assets on EUR and USD platforms and Flexidea (LV).

Future plans
Debitum management is still working hard on receiving investment broker company license. We feel really close to it and we hope to share this news in Q2-Q3 2021. In this process we also need some cooperation from the users by filling in the questionnaire on the platform which is mandatory requirement by the regulator of financial market for investment platform users.
In Q2 2021 we are planning to introduce a new product to our investors. The product will provide a possibility to invest in a pool of loans issued by a loan originator. That will make it easier to invest as investors will not need to choose each asset separately - they will only need to choose the loan originator and duration of investment.