Info about #Creditstar bonds:

21.05 End of early subscription period – investors who subscribe to new bonds before 23:59 are eligible for an early subscription bonus.
27.05 End date of subscription – it is possible to subscribe to new bonds until 23:59 on this date.
28.05 Payment date – new investors and existing investors increasing their positions are to transfer their subscription amount to Creditstar. Payment details will be provided separately.
01.06 Issue date of new bond – bonds are automatically transferred to the securities accounts of eligible investors.

The two new secured bonds issued:
1. Creditstar 01.12.2022 secured notes (18 months), yield 12.5% - 15.1% p.a.
2. Creditstar 01.06.2024 secured notes (36 months), yield 13.5% - 16.1% p.a.

All legal documents related to the bond emission, Purchase Offer documents as well as the latest Company presentation is available here:

Contact info: [email protected]