$Debitum Network have shared additional financial reports of their loan originators, and have promised to share all LO financials in the future.
They explained their loan originator due diligence process and shared their own ratings of the LOs:

''Debitum due diligence process is focused on the operational sustainability of a loan originator. The analysis begins by analysing the market and identifying whether the company is focusing on an appropriate customer segment and offering suitable products. Furthermore, detailed debt collection procedures and results analysis is carried out. Later, if the company provides sufficient information, Debitum analyses the loan book of the company. Debitum compares planned revenue with the factual cash flow, evaluates the collection performance of different loan types, and forecasts the amount of late and defaulted loans. The analysis continues with estimating the true value of revenues and identifying loans that do not follow the overall performance of the loan book. When performing financial analysis, Debitum focuses on identifying the true value of capital employed and its structure. Moreover, the debt structure is analysed and Debitum establishes a maximum sustainable level of financing. Additionally, the analysts check whether the company can cover interest expenses. Lastly, strict covenants are set in place within the partnership agreement.''