$PeerBerry not happy that $Kviku copy/pasted their legal documents:

Rita from PeerBerry: Dear all, I found a great example (from the opposite side) of how to do business. At the beginning of February (01-02-2021), the platform kviku presented to its investors a group guarantee memorandum, which is a word-by-word copy-paste from our business partners' Memorandum on cross-corporate guarantees. Why use the brain, if you can just copy-paste and wualia, you have a legal document! Predicting that plagiarism may reveal, they dated their document on 01-01-2020 (to convince everyone that they signed the document earlier than the Aventus Group), but ups ... reckless mistake again, the first day of January around the world is a non-working day.

Bulldog P2P: The story being told of Kviku "stealing" the group guarantee wording deserves an explanation. It was Sterling and I that gave Kviku the PeerBerry guarantee as an example. I suppose Kviku took it to their legal Moscow team, which approved it after about 2 weeks. The original disussion is still present on the Kviku channel.

PeerDuck: Legal docs are the intellectual property of a company. in most cases, 20% change in doc is enough to consider it "new"