$Debitum Network - loan originator "Vihorev Investments" has some delays:

Gytis from Debitum, 8th Feb 2021: I do hereby confirm that the assets will be repaid. Moreover, I confirm that the loan originator is aware of the issue that the assets are running late and we have agreed on the most effective way to cover the balance on the platform. Based on an agreement with the loan originator, we will start to repay all principle, interest, and penalty already next week. The plan is to cover all outstanding balances by the end of this month. As there were no restructuring or rescheduling of the assets, there are no changes for the investors on our platform besides that they will receive penalties accumulated throughout the period. The company is also aware that on 2021 April 24 we will execute the buyback guarantee. As an additional guarantee, our partnership agreement defines that in case of non-payment Debitum will execute the right to cover the outstanding balance with all future revenues of the company, if necessary, take ownership of the assets in question. Moreover, the owner of the company is personally liable in case of non-payment.