$NEO Finance has published 2021 Q3 financials.


- Based on non-audited accounting data, income has grown significantly up to EUR 914 K. Compared to
2020 Q3, it increased by 34 %.
• Debt recovery costs decreased by 45 % from EUR 133 K to EUR 63 K.
• Salary expenses rose by 99 % from EUR 111 K to EUR 220 K.
• Number of registered users grew by 20 %, up to almost 125 K users.
• EUR 7,7 M of financed loans were granted.

Key figures:
Profit = € 0.3m
Assets = € 12.2m
Equity = € 2.2m
Debt = € 9.7m

2021 H1 results of $NEO Finance have been published:

Key figures:

Profit= € 0.2m
Assets = € 10.9m
Equity = € 1.7m
Debt = € 9.3m

In 2021 H1, NEO Finance, AB increased the volume of issued loans and achieved the best-ever result for the half of the year. The amount of issued loans has reached EUR 12.83 M, 43% increase compared to the first half of the last year. Revenue grew to EUR 1,583 K, and exceeded the revenue of the first half of last year (EUR 1,163 K) by 36%. The company's EBITDA in 2021 H1 was EUR 312.317 profit, while in 2020 H1 it was EUR 72.406 loss. Accordingly, the loss of EUR 145.688 in the 2020 H1 was replaced by the profit before tax of EUR 189.095 in 2021 H1.

NEO Finance will hold a Zoom broadcast on August 3rd, 11 a.m. Vilnius time, for presentation of the financial results by Aleksejus Loskutovas, CEO. Please note that the presentation will be held in Lithuanian.
Register for the event here: www.paskoluklubas.lt/renginiai

$NEO Finance is issuing bonds:

On 21 June, 2021 Company Board decided to issue for a private placement 10 units of bonds of the nominal value of 25 000 EUR comprising total nominal value and emission price of 250 000 EUR, setting the following conditions for this bond issue:
Bond issue currency and interest payment currency - euros;
Total Number of Bonds - 10 units;
Nominal Value of One Unit - EUR 25,000 (twenty-five thousand euros);
Total nominal value - EUR 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand euros);
The annual interest rate - 7.5% (seven and a half percent);
Annual interest on the bonds is paid quarterly;
The bond issue is distributed in one installment;
The redemption date of the bonds - a term of 3 years from the effective date of the bonds;
The bonds may be redeemed at the option of the Company until their maturity. In the case the bonds are redeemed earlier than 2 years after the date of issue, the amount of early redemption will be equal to 101% of the nominal value plus accrued interest from the last interest payment date.
The Company will use the investments attracted by this bond issue to refinance existing bonds. Repeatedly we would like to point out that in order to refinance the existing bonds, on 4 June, 2021 Company has already borrowed EUR 180 000 under the loan agreement. According to the loan agreement, the Company undertook to repay the loan by June 4, 2024, and pay 7 percent of annual interest to the persons from Netherlands.

CEO Meets Investor event:

Nasdaq Baltic kindly invites you to its traditional event CEO Meets Investor, which is going to take place on May 31st (Monday) and on June 3rd (Thursday) both days from 10:00 until – 12:05 (EET).

2021 June 3rd (Thursday):
10.25–10.50 NEO Finance - Aleksėjus Loskutovas, CEO
11.15–11.40 DelfinGroup - Didzis Ādmīdiņš, CEO

The event is aimed at introducing currently and potentially listed companies to investors, providing them with an opportunity to meet CEOs of various companies, ask questions and hear first-hand information. The event is designed for active and potential investors who are interested in investing in securities, for financial analysts, finance brokers, investment fund managers, market participants, journalists and other stakeholders.

$NEO Finance results for 2020:

NEO Finance, AB, continued to increase the volume of loans issued, reaching EUR 19.09 M and, compared to 2019 grew by 2%. Likewise, the income grew to EUR 2.48 M versus EUR 1.72 M in 2019 (44% growth). In 2020 Company’s EBITDA was EUR 158K, whereas in 2019 it was EUR -647 K. Positive change was affected by active loan portfolio growth, purposefully managed costs and a considerable attention dedicated towards software development, targeted at process automatization. Accordingly, the net profit/loss in 2020 was EUR -4 K, compared to EUR -881 K in 2019.

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