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Mozzeno Income


Mozzeno Financial Reports

Period Profit Assets Equity Debt Debt to Equity Audited by Published
2019 € 0.0m € 9.6m € 0.3m € 9.6m 32.5 not audited
2018 € 0.0m € 2.4m € 0.3m € 2.4m 8.3 not audited
2017 € -0.1m € 1.0m € 0.3m € 1.0m 3.7 not audited
2015 Dec - 2016 Dec € 0.0m € 0.4m € 0.3m € 0.4m 1.1 not audited

Who Controls Mozzeno?

Mozzeno is controlled by Mozzeno Services, a company 100% owned by Belgian investors, with a cap table structured like this:
  • Founders + family = 40,24%
  • Business Angels = 24,71%
  • Public Fund SRIW = 10,50%
  • Federale Assurance = 24,55%

Mozzeno Business Model

As far as the business model is concerned, depending on the type of loans it can be:
  • Origination fee (factored in the APR given to the borrower as per the regulation)
  • Interest spread
There are other additional revenue sources:
  • the platform proposes a life insurance to the borrower, if they subscribe to it Mozzeno get a commission. This has been fully integrated in the flow and contract fulfillment.
  • for loans the platform cannot grant, they propose a solution through a traditional lender, and get commissions on the eventually granted loans as a broker.
  • cross selling of other products (e.g. insurance)
  • fees in case of buyback of Notes for investors seeking faster liquidity.
For now the origination fee and life insurance commissions represent more than 90% of the revenues, the other sources remain marginal.