$Monestro allows payments with #Stripe!
To make investments more faster and secure, Monestro has selected Stripe, as a new payment service provider. Stripe helps you to fund your account easily by using VISA or Mastercard.

You can now register or log into your account, get verified as before and fund directly your account using the secured network. Your funds will instantly be available for investment.

$Monestro platform now offers a new consumer loans by DSA Invest SIA, a Latvian company. Loans will have a 10.8% interest rate with Buyback obligation. The minimum investment amount is 10 EUR.

How investment is protected?
- BuyBack Obligation
All loans contain a Buyback Obligation meaning the Loan Originator will buy back the loan principal and accrued interest when the borrower cannot repay within 60 days late.
- Voluntary Reserve
For all loans Voluntary Reserve is agreed, Monestro regularly pays 0,35-0,55% to the fund from outstanding portfolio. In the event that any Loan Originator does not comply with its Buyback obligation, the Voluntary Reserve is used to acquire the Claims from the Investors and make other pay-outs to investors.
- Skin in the Game

$PeerBerry is not happy that $Monestro and $Do Finance are using their name in Google Ads:

"Dear market participants,
I'm sure you all are here and this information is addressed to you.
PeerBerry is a registered trademark with protection on the EU level and you have no right to use our brand in your communication.
This is a repetitive issue. Market participants that do not respect the law will be warned by our lawyers directly."

$Monestro, the Baltic peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplace, has relaunched with a very seasoned team and a brand-new website, enabling investors to fund loans or buy loan contracts provided by loan originators.

"When MONESTRO emerged with our first peer-to-peer marketplace several years ago, we quickly realised an invaluable need in the lending market," said Johan Orsingher, the CEO of MONESTRO. "Subsequently, we soon realised that to protect our investors; we had to offer better loan portfolios. Rather than offering borrowers the opportunity to list their loans on our P2P platform, we decided only to offer loan contracts from professional loan originators - or - contracts from professional credit companies where we can assess and define risks properly for the benefit of our investors.
We've installed a very seasoned team with significant experience in P2P loan originator loan contracts, investments, and technology, along with the relaunch. With our new website and better online tools, including Auto Invest, we are now positioned to match loan originators and investors around the European Economic Area in our expansion and are actively sourcing and closing loan contracts now."
"Retail investors are eager to invest their capital in P2P alternative loans that provide superior risk-adjusted returns to traditional stock market investments," says Orsingher.
"However, the risk was on them, with little to no way to enforce or collect the loans in case of loans defaulting. We are excited to relaunch in P2P lending with the added investor protection of only using more solid loan originators, more stringent risk assessments, all backed up with a BuyBack Guarantee."

MONESTRO P2P loans are funded by retail investors, high net worth individuals or other investors. The investments are made into loans provided by professional organisations that offer loans to borrowers (known as loan originators), thus reducing risk for the investor. Orsingher explains, "investors receive higher-quality, more secure and lower-risk loan investment opportunities. Rather than very-high returns, they receive a more stable alternative investment vehicle."

The MONESTRO team has decades of experience in P2P lending and investments. Johan Orsingher, the CEO of MONESTRO, is an experienced business development professional with a strong background in applying technology to the fintech sector. Orsingher has an Oxford Saïd Business School Fintech diploma and is certified in Islamic Finance from CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments).

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