Looks like $Juicy Fields is being investigated by German state criminal investigation office.

Text: "das unternehmen juicy grow gmbh ist bereits gegenstand von ermittlungen" translates to: "the company Juicy Grow GmbH is already the object of an investigation"

Those who want to join as victims, can submit a report here: www.internetwache-polizei-berlin.de/

$Juicy Fields are organising an online event to "solve doubts", but probably won't comment too much about fake webshop, fake partners, window business, etc. and of course - the $Juicy Fields owner won't participate in this event:

On Monday we are hosting an online event for all e-growers where we will expose how JuicyFields operates in the cannabis industry, solving doubts with an AMA (Ask Me Anything) live session.
When? 22nd of March from 3pm to 7pm CET
Where? Zoom Video Webinar
Alan Glanse - CEO at JuicyFields (Berlin)
Daniel Gauci - CBDO at JuicyFields (Malta/Spain)
Zvezda Lauric - Business Development at JuicyFields (Malta)
Fanny Skoglund - Head of Marketing at JuicyFields (Dubai)
Nathalie Larsson - Head of Marketing at JuicyFields (Malta)
Esteban Rossi - Head of Business Development at 613 Partners (Colombia)
Willdiman Mira Hernandez - CEO at Kannabyte (Colombia)
Sergio Londono - COB at Kannabyte (Colombia)

Wolf Hart: wilcompute is a partner of groweriq, which is shlomos company, one of the major partners of $Juicy Fields

Wolf Hart: Latest Newsletter from $Juicy Fields introduces a new "Growing Partner": www.613partners.com
Out of the 6 reviews only 2 companies actually exist, but not tied to the said persons, no info could be found on any of the 6 reviewers by me.

Is $Juicy Fields developing a new business direction? Or creating a new legal entity with another fake webshop?
"Trade, delivery and installation of window elements in wood, aluminum and PVC."

$Juicy Fields story gets even crazier - spies, cybercriminals, mafia, etc. - twitter.com/FOOL_NELSON/status/1351745601210347520?s=09

Questions to $Juicy Fields - still waiting for answers.

1. Who is Viktor? Why is not he mentioned in website?
2. Why are you hiding company name? Why is it not mentioned in website?
3. Why did you advertise fake partnerships?
4. Why cannot investors from Germany invest in JF?
5. Why did you change your own terms&conditions instead of publishing licenses as you had promised?
6. Who is paying you? And with what method? Are you hired by Germany company as employee? Which company?
7. Who works for JF? What kind of agreements are in place? If at all? And which company pays their salaries?
8. What is the legal basis of your offering to investors? Can you guarantee and prove you have done legal research and it is fine for investors to invest in marihuana business? Considering it is not a legal drug in
9. Why are you here to answer questions,if you are just a marketing guy? the key issues are about legal, finance stuff, licenses. Are you competent and have authority to comment on that?
10. If CEO got so rich with bitcoin, why is he working for some shady weed company, having 0% equity?
11. Who are the licensed partners you advertise? Provide proof - agreements, licenses, not more lies and promises. Already 2 turned out to be fake.
12. Are you a freelancer or a permanent employee?
13. Why is the community in the German Telegram area driven by someone who is not directly employed by you?
14. Why is it still often claimed several times that there is no multi-level affiliate system. Is no problem if there is one, but why hide.
15. Why are the partners so young? Why is there no partner who is at least 5 years old? That you can legitimately show.
16. Why does your new partner, who was in the newsletter yesterday, have a different URL in his Instagram profile on the page you wrote. On 2 websites + Facebook we have 3 addresses. Where 2 of them is only the country. Why can't you find their products anywhere?
17. Why do you constantly block critical requests and rather kick investors out of the Telegram group than provide answers?
18. With your team page, there is a LinkedIn profile inside everywhere, but a large portion of them don't have you linked anywhere in their profile. Former, but then why is JF not listed as a former employer?
19. Why does Impressum not list Geschäftsführer, as required by § 5 TMG? Who is Alan Glanse?
20. recently it was claimed you are big sponsors here: internationalcbc.com/ - however I can't find anything on this site to fi
21. Why the bounty hunts in BTC forums? Why the bought reviews? Example YT with the multimailgen comment: Bruhhhh im loving this.
22. Why is there no AML / KYC query yet.
23. Investors can invest with crypto, and with no KYC/AML that means huge risk for money laundering. So bank can shut down their business and any private accounts any moment. If that happens, how could investors get back money? Only via crypto?
24. Is your bank aware of this weed-funding platform?

Discussion about $Juicy Fields:

Hm. JF is by far not perfect. But to call it a scam?! That is far fetched and not fair. Where is the proof?

Kristaps Mors: short version: "CEO & team owns 0% of JuicyGrow GmbH. Fake partners. No KYC/AML. Germans not allowed to invest.", also - changed their terms and conditions and removed a point after I asked for licenses, and paid post in Forbes with some bullshit story about their shady CEO, and their telegram support guy asked me to go to Germany to see documents, wtf.
owner of juicy grow gmbh is Viktor Bitner, he is not mentioned on website or marketing anywhere at all
similar model as in other scams.. company is presented as something else to authorities and banks. and to investors as an investment platform. they have a complete different website as well: juicygrow.eu - no mention of weed, just Hydroponics and in juicyfields.eu/ company name is not mentioned at all, only address: Potsdamer Straße 147, 10783 Berlin
so for authorities company is presented as some Hydroponics/greenhouses stuff, but for investors - as some weed investment platform

PeerDuck: Weed is illegal in baltic states so do the promotion. People, who are stupid enough to invest in similar stuff - be prepared to have troubles opening bank account in any financial organization afterwards. It's not a game. you will be recognized as beneficiaries of drug production. Seriously, that's beyond borders. Even being semi-legal, it is still a drug, heavy regulated worldwide. Mixing some junkie business with the mainstream finances - it's insult for the normal participants, if there are any of them.

Rudigier Johannes: Actually, JF could then go here at the FinFellas conference and just show that they are legitimate. As Kristaps said, it's up to them to prove that they are legitimate. It's not for nothing that critical investors who ask questions like to be banned from open-ended groups. If they want to be trusted, then they should just go ahead and answer the questions and accusations. And do it properly. Would bring a hefty push to investors. Provided that they want that ;-)

Kristaps Mors: Completely agree.. but then it should be done by someone who makes decisions at JF. Who is Daniel Gauci? Some guy from Malta, that is responsible for marketing/content. If real owner would show up, answer to questions and provide licenses, financial reports, that would be something in direction of proper communication. But cannot expect that from a fraud..

RealJ: they dont want investors, they want idiots. I think you're overthinking it tbh. It's the same pattern as before. same scam site, same person promoting it, same critical blogger stating facts

Received a message about $Juicy Fields:

I see you did some research before on that alan glanse guy, but theres way more to uncover like the fake webshop juicygrow.eu which is linked to their legal registration in germany (actual legal name), the tons of fake youtube reviews with botted comments (dupe comments from different people) and autogenerated views & subscriber accounts. Theres also tons of sponsored reviews on fake coin blogs and stuff. I got into this ponzi biz when i clicked on ad in a german imageboard, but they seem to attract people from all around the world, which makes me sick (look at their Telegram channel). They try everything to make it look legit, buy advertising space on the web, design beautiful banners, use stock photos in ways they shouldnt, register tons of differend domains, setup websites, buy fake reviews, heck even a pseudo office space, all to seem legit.
If you have some spare time, i'd wish somebody would make a honest review about this "crowdgrow" scheme. Yes theres other pages with that theme like crowd-growing.com cannergrow.com biomindx.com/
I feel sorry for everybody who keeps walking into their traps (most (at least 50%) of the active mpeople in their [very active] telegram channels are real users that don't know better) and think somebody should write a proper review on the net, backed by real evidence (like in the iban wallet post), one legit one that doesn't have any crooked fake profiles dispromoting it like on their facebook. they get curious comments deleted on fb, telegram, and seem to ban users who try to ask too many things.
So please, if you have any spare time, at least look at their fake websites for once more and their campaigns and if you want, help some other people realize, because the web is full of fucking positive advertisement for juicy, because that's what they put a lot of their pyramid money and time into.

More reasons to stay away from $Juicy Fields - they have lied about another partnership. And some comments from Telegram by Rudigier: "Critical investors are kicked out of the Telegram Channel.
Bitner is still a ghost nobody knows.
Bounty hunts bought on BTC forums.
Purchased reviews.
Michael, who is responsible for the German-speaking area, still works in an electronics store - if he had absolutely no need for the returns that JF pays - especially not in Austria. Is also active on other platforms.
The points Kristaps has already mentioned.
The companies they are in contact with are somehow all start-ups and barely one or two years old. The profiles of the start-ups are very weak ..."

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