Thaek's $Cashare experience: "the yields also turned me off, but the pros for me where that I could reduce my currency risk and get real exposure to p2p loans and not subordinate #bonds (which e.g. $Mintos basically is)

I did test investment anyway, to check if it makes sense, but I'm stopping reinvestment, because it's to much work. You have to make two payments from your bank account for each loan you invest in.

Real yield of my test portfolio I can only tell you after few years, but I expect something in the area of 5-6% which would be reasonable for CHF, but with out national bank crippling the CHF/EUR literally at all cost to not hurt exports staying in CHF for P2P doesn't make too much sense"

Thaek: "Received an e-mail from $Cashare (#Swiss P2P Lending) that one of the loans (40k CHF car loan) I was invested in that defaulted without a single payment was a case of identity theft. They verify the identity of applications via their swiss bank account and also pay out the loan to the account once funded, and apparently the bank account was opened with stolen credentials. The platform now says that the bank that performed the identification has full liability in this case. But in the meantime they will pay me back from platform funds until the matter is settled with the bank.

Would be interesting how often stuff like this happens, I mean you can easily buy swiss bank accounts that where opened with stolen credentials on the dark net"

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