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Capitalia Income


Capitalia SE Financial Reports

Period Profit Assets Equity Debt Debt to Equity Audited by Published
2020 € 0.0m € 2.8m € 0.5m € 2.3m 4.3 not audited
2020 Q1 € 0.0m € 2.6m € 0.6m € 2.1m 3.7 not audited
2019 € 0.1m € 2.4m € 0.6m € 1.8m 3.3 SIA Grant Thornton Baltic Audit

Who Controls Capitalia?

The majority shareholder of Capitalia SE is Sparta Capital OU (83% of shares), a private company based in Estonia, owned by Juris Grišins.

Capitalia Business Model