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$Reinvest24 introduces an automated KYC verification process.

The platform continues to work actively on improving the platform, its security and overall customer’s experience. To make sure we create a safe environment for everyone and become a regulated platform soon, we have updated our KYC onboarding process for our clients, as well as revised our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

It’s been 13 months since $Reinvest24 entered the Moldovan real estate market. Despite the turbulent period, the housing market in Chisinau is thriving! We highly recommend you take the time to read it and find out more about Moldova.

We believe You are curious to know more about $Reinvest24 recent expansion to Germany, the reasons behind it, as well as what potential we see in this market.
Sit comfortably, as we are about to shed the light on the peculiarities of the German market.
Exciting Bonus: this time we asked our local investors about their home market. Read the article to find out what they have to say.

🇩🇪 ¨¨$Reinvest24 is now in Germany! 🇩🇪

We are excited to announce that Reinvest24 has expanded its geography to Western Europe - Germany. As a cherry on top, our first project is a rental project with 12.5% total yield and great potential for capital growth. More details here -

May is the month of new milestones for ¨$Reinvest24. The largest volume of loans in the entire history of the Reinvest24 platform was funded in May - 1,405,388 EUR.
Thank you for being a part of our growth!

We did it! From today, the Belgrad residential project is officially exited on $Reinvest24, repaying back to 334 participated investors 240 000 EUR. All 3 stages generated 15.3% in adjusted annual effective return. Let us kindly remind you that it is our first exit from the Moldovan market.

Bullet, full-bullet or annuity? Which repayment schedule is better and what is the difference between each one of them? The answers are waiting to be discovered by you in the latest ¨$Reinvest24 blog article -

$Reinvest24 continues to show amazing results and dynamic growth. Within a month, we successfully exited 4 projects and returned 1,100,000 EUR to our investors. 👏

The new valuation report has been created for the Modern office in the business center of Tallinn.

The initial book value of this property will be changed according to the new valuation report. Even though the indicators used to evaluate commercial real estate are currently very conservative due to COVID, we still decided to go ahead and ordered a new report, as the office went through a full renovation. The valuation reports for our other rental properties will be ordered once the overall market situation with commercial real estate is changed. The new valuation report can be found in the property "Technical Overview" section.

¨$Reinvest24 has prepared a video update for this project to bring you as close as we can to the whole process, enjoy!

Last month $Reinvest24 exited one of the platform's first projects, repaying back to our investors more than 590 000 EUR and earning over 25% in total effective return. Find out more about how this was achieved in this blog article.


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