$Monestro allows payments with #Stripe!
To make investments more faster and secure, Monestro has selected Stripe, as a new payment service provider. Stripe helps you to fund your account easily by using VISA or Mastercard.

You can now register or log into your account, get verified as before and fund directly your account using the secured network. Your funds will instantly be available for investment.

$Monestro platform now offers a new consumer loans by DSA Invest SIA, a Latvian company. Loans will have a 10.8% interest rate with Buyback obligation. The minimum investment amount is 10 EUR.

How investment is protected?
- BuyBack Obligation
All loans contain a Buyback Obligation meaning the Loan Originator will buy back the loan principal and accrued interest when the borrower cannot repay within 60 days late.
- Voluntary Reserve
For all loans Voluntary Reserve is agreed, Monestro regularly pays 0,35-0,55% to the fund from outstanding portfolio. In the event that any Loan Originator does not comply with its Buyback obligation, the Voluntary Reserve is used to acquire the Claims from the Investors and make other pay-outs to investors.
- Skin in the Game

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