$Debitum Network obtains an investment firm license from FCMC

On 21.09.2021, SIA DN Operator legal entity of Debitum operations obtained an investment brokerage license from the FCMC (Latvia’s Financial and Capital Market Commission), which allows us to be a regulated platform in Latvia.

$EstateGuru updated Privacy Policy.

"The updated Privacy Policy complements the purpose and lawful base for the processing of personal data, the data categories, and the transmission of personal data. Moreover, the updates introduce the description of the specific cookies that we use to help our website remember information about your visit, which enables us to customise the website for your better user experience.

The new Privacy Policy is effective from 14th of September 2021 and is available on EstateGuru’s website

Please take the time to read it."

From $Twino:
TWINO Becomes a Regulated Marketplace
We have obtained an investment brokerage license from Latvia’s Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC), thus becoming a regulated investment platform!


From $Viainvest:

Interest rate for consumer loans change to 11% annually. VIAINVEST has decided to set 11% annual interest rate to all loan originators supplying consumer loans. This applies to such loan originators as VIASMS.lv, VIASMS.pl, VIASMS.cz, VIACONTO.se and VIACONTO.ro.
Updated interest rate will apply to all new consumer loans published starting from September 1, while consumer loans listed on the platform before this date will be available with previous interest rate until the full closing of the particular investment. Please note that this does not apply to business loans of any kind.

INVESTMENT FEES: viainvest.com/fees
VIAINVEST updates platform price list
VIAINVEST is introducing monthly fee for inactive accounts* which is set to 2 EUR. Price list also provides an opportunity to request personalized account balance reports for a separate fee. Updated price list will be available for review on the website for 30 days and will come into force on October 1, 2021. More information available in the fees section.
* Investor accounts with balance below 10 EUR and no transactions made during the last 3 months.

$Twino Group's Consolidated Financial Statement for year 2020 has been published.

Key Figures:
Profit = € 7.4m
Assets = € 53.2m
Equity = € 16.5m
Debt = € 36.6m

RATIOS and other Figures:
Net Profit Margin (Net income/net sales) = 12,04
ROIC Earnings/Debt+BookValue (return on capital) = 13,9
ROE LY (= net income / shareholders' equity) = 44,9
ROE avg past years = 47,5
ROA LY (net income / total assets) = 13,9
ROA avg past years 13,5
Working Capital/Total Debt = 0,27
Debt-To-Equity Ratio (D/E) = 2,22
Quick Ratio LY = 1,32
Quick Ratio avg past years = 1,26
Current Ratio (CA/CL) = 1,32
Current Ratio (CA/CL) avg past year = 1,26
EPS (Earning per Share) = 14,82
Dividend Paid = € 4.1m
Dividend per share = € 8,1
Enterprise Value = € 25,8m (EV = market capitalization + market value of debt - cash and cash equivalents) www.investopedia.com/articles/fundamental/04/031004.asp

From $Twino Group's Consolidated Financial Statement:
//**30. Off-balance sheet liabilities and pledged assets**//
The Company has off-balance-sheet liabilities at the end of reporting period. The Company has entered into the Guarantee Agreement with its subsidiary SIA OC Finance, providing a guarantee of repayment of a debt that SIA OC Finance has issued to the related company SIA Kuģu 13. On the date of the preparation of this report the outstanding sum of the loan along with the accrued interest constitute EUR 1,404,298

//**33. Going concern**//
The Group’s current assets exceed its current liabilities by EUR 10,340 thousand, which however is a decrease by 39% comparing to the year end of 2019, when the Group’s current assets exceeded current liabilities by EUR 16,953 thousand.
At the end of the year 2020, the Group’s liquidity ratio was 1.33 (2019: 1.47); therefore, liquidity risk is controlled.

//**34. COVID 19 impact on the Company’s operations**//
During the months of March and April 2020, the total of funds disbursed to the investors from the platform exceeded the total of deposited funds by EUR 4.2 million; however, it is crucial to note that the Company executed the disbursement of funds deposited by each investor of the platform within two business days complying with the mutual contractual obligations.

$Mintos has shared the Consolidated Annual Report 2020.

Key figures:
Profit/loss = € -1.9M
Net Income = € 10M
Accumulated loses = € 3.9M
Total Current Assets € 1.7M
Total assets = € 6.2M
Total Current Liabilities € 3.6M
Equity = € 1.1M
Debt = --

Download: assets.mintos.com/B478D93F-1927-34C0-FD85-C00C28AF928B.pdf

28. Going concern considerations
Because of investments made in expansion and growth and due to the impacts of the pandemic-caused downturn of 2020, Group has been working with losses for the last three years. The loss might occur in the upcoming period too, as the Group continues to work on its growth-focused goals that will need considerable investments in people and technologies.
In November 2020, the Group led a successful crowdfunding campaign to attract additional capital. As a result, the equity increased from €1.18 million at the end of 2020 to €7.44 million in January 2021. After repaying deferred tax liabilities in full at the beginning of 2021, the Group has no external debt and it is not exposed to the risk of breaching its financial agreements. Once the process of obtaining the Investment Firm and Electronic Money Institution license is completed, the Group will look forward to the additional venture capital equity raise.

A loan subscribed with 211% interest is canceled for usury.
The Estonian company Bondora will return the amount collected for remuneration interest to the Palencia client · The cost of the loan of 1,590 euros was raised at the end to 4,182.37.

The court of first instance number 4 has ordered the financial entity Bondora, based in Estonia, to cancel a credit agreement signed with a client in the capital. The titular judge has estimated the usury of the contract, since an interest of 211.03% APR was applied, a figure that exceeds by more than 200 points what is established as the average interest of consumer loans
The client, burdened by astronomical interests that made payment impossible, put the case in the hands of a leading legal company in revolving credit card claims and abusive credits, Don Recuperador (www.donrecuperador.com). In fact, the matter has been defended by its legal director Antonio Castro, who indicated that his client requested from Bondora an amount of 1,590 euros as a loan and that the amount to be returned, after interest applied, amounted to 4,182.37 euros.
PIONEERING FAILURE. With this ruling, a pioneer in Spain, Bondora has been sentenced to annul the contract for usury in application of a Law in force in Spain since 1908, with the consequent obligation to return to the actor the excess that he would have paid in that concept; all this, with express imposition of the procedural costs to the defendant.
The ruling issued by the court of first instance number 4 indicates that the contract that is the subject of the lawsuit "is notably higher than the normal one for money", after comparing it with "the active interest rates applied by credit institutions and financial establishments credit according to the statistics published by the Bank of Spain for the year of subscription of the contract in question, 2017, and this in relation to consumer loans.
The average interest on consumer loans on the date the contract was concluded was 8.39%, while Bondora applied a 211.03% APR to the client, according to the information provided to this newspaper by the client's legal defense Palencia.

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